1. Sudhir kumar Sinha

Founder & CEO

An eminent entreprenuer with bend of creativity and innovation.He is founder of several new startups such as
Inovogen,GeneHire,Quintova,, & Jenome Technologies.He has extensive experience of startup environment,
marketing,manufacturing as well as in R&D. He has done his Masters in BioTechnology from T.M. Bhagalpur
University and Entreprenuership from IIT Kharagpur,India.He has done his research work in CRRI,CFTRI,clonegen
and synergy Biotechnologies.He is working on several new startup models.He is also Board of Advisor
in Chameleon ID Inc USA.

Sarita kumari

HR & Marketing Manager

A Creative thinker,HR & Marketing professional and a team member of Inovogen Biotechnology Pvt Ltd.She is energtic and enthusiastic person with
ability to develop a Team and Market our products globally.