Inovogen Brings Research driven product & services to the Market.We accelerate Invention & Discoveries.we have excellent team of researchers to deliver Quality product & services.Our product includes:


1.Food Products:

 -Natural & organic Spices

 -Natural & organic Herbs

 -Natural & organic Rice


2.Agro Products:


 -Tissue culture plants

 -Cut Flowers

 -Dried Herbs

 -Herbal extracts

 -Hybrid seeds

3.Microbial & fermentation Products:





 -Laminar flow







 -PH Metre




 -Laboratery chemicals

 -Industrial chemicals

6.Solar products:

 -Solar Lantern

 -solar mobile charger

 -solar Table lamp

 -solar Torch

 -solar charge controller

 -solar inverter

 -Pv panels

 -solar table fan

 -solar computer

 -solar pump

 -solar water Heater